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Carlo is one of the most driven, motivated people I had a chance to work with. He’s kind, highly communicative and full of positive energy. He will do whatever needs to be done and beyond for the projects he works on. He gets the job done and makes it all look easy breezy! You should work with him!

Romi Hanoch



The BDC is an amazing group of musicians / people that besides doing workshops, throw amazing shows! Carlo is very organized and efficient, does an INCREDIBLE job promoting the shows and making sure the bands get taken care of. He's a rare person who spends boundless energy on highlighting other people’s talents and building community through music.

Manny Nomikos



Carlo and the Brooklyn Drum Collective tirelessly support the music community in Brooklyn over a shared love for music, the community, and drumming specifically.  The BDC hosts regular meetups for drummers to trade deep and shallow knowledge (i'm there for the beginner stuff) on drumming and gigging in new york.  It also contributes to the larger music community with its series of shows that put the spotlight on our local drummers.  If you want to get involved with the local music scene in brooklyn, there's no better place to start than the BDC.

Jon Daily

The Black Black


The Brooklyn Drum Collective is the New York DIY scene at its finest; shows can so often feel intimidating for new artists and musicians trying to find a way in and the BDC does a fantastic job making space for newcomers to make friends with and learn from more experienced folks. It’s impressive how Carlo and the others are able to hold events without any of the pretension or fear of not being the best and create genuine community in one of the most creative cities in the world.

Patrick Porter

A Very Special Episode


The Brooklyn Drum Collective is an indispensable tool and community. The fact that there is an alliance of drummers and musicians that regularly meet up to talk shop, host shows, and support one another is incredible. This alone would be enough to keep me engaged indefinitely. But that is only the half of it. The collective is run by one of the most curious, kind, and supportive people I know: Carlo Minchillo. When I was first informed that this existed, I was beyond excited. After spending time with Carlo and everyone involved, I've never felt more inspired to pursue my craft and help others on their journey. The atmosphere created is one of inclusivity, agency, and merriment. I hope that the collective is around for a long time and I can't wait to meet more people interested in the world of drumming.

Zach Rescignano

Awful Din


BDC creates an inclusive environment, hosting monthly meet ups for drummers of all experience levels to get together and share technique, inspiration, and experiences. BDC also fixes up drum kits at local venues that are sometimes neglected and falling apart. Carlo is a dedicated organizer. He goes above and beyond to promote his shows. He’s always working on ways to elevate the standard of what a typical local show can be.

Hannah Nichols

True Dreams


Carlo is the rare/booker promoter who both knows and understands the DIY ethos but also brings a certain seriousness and professionalism to the task that instills confidence that things are going to go off without a hitch. He truly shares the responsibility for promoting the shows he books and making each one a fun night with the bands, rather than merely passing the buck. The result is that each show he puts together is well curated, well attended, and unpretentiously fun. It would be my pleasure to work with him again with Bizarre Sharks or with any of my projects.

Terry Edelman



Playing a Brooklyn Drum Collective show is a total treat. The show was well organized, well publicized and well booked. The bands had all the information they needed ahead of time and the OWL rooftop is a great place to play! The show was well attended and everyone seemed to be having a ball. I had a great time playing it and would be totally excited to play another!

Jacob Backer

Bizarre Sharks

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