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Brooklyn Drum Collective originally started from a simple idea: bring drummers together, share musical goals, and learn from each other. Carlo Minchillo (Ghost Funk Orchestra), Rick Martinez (Scout Harris, Warp Trio and The Royal They), and Zac Pless (Crazy & the Brains and Tree River) organized the first meeting in August 2018 and hosted it at Zac’s apartment. While drumming on pads and sharing exercises and advice, the group of seven drummers started discussing the challenges drummers face every day. Things like, poorly managed backlines, navigating the music business, and the lack of reliable drum resources. Of course, these issues weren’t solved that day, but it did identify the urgent need for moral support, resources and expert drum services for the working drummer. And thus, the Brooklyn Drum Collective was born!


Since that summer, a lot has developed with the BDC. Carlo is the director of the entire organization, solely managing the drum repairs as well as promotional, marketing, and coordinating responsibilities. From repairing and tuning up backlines at venues and studios across Brooklyn to hosting popular events like the BDC Open Jam at Our Wicked Lady, the BDC is supporting musicians, building community, and providing quality drum services for the borough of Brooklyn.

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